Vote No on Con Con

Friday, October 13, 2017

At 1249's recent general union meeting on Friday the Local's Political Registrars talked about next month's Election.  A critical item on this year's ballot is if we as New York residents want a Constitutional Convention. This is an off year when it comes to elections and history shows us that we as union members don't show up at the ballots on off years.  Please watch this informative video to give you answers to what the constitutional convention is and how critical it is for union members to vote NO on this:

Vote NO to a 2017 New York State Constitutional Convention II

I hoped you watched the video and have an understanding of the importance of this vote.  Below are a  few key questions you might have and some answers that might help:
  • When is the election?
    • Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
  • Where is the question going to be on whether I want a Constitutional Convention?
    • The question will be proposition #1 on the back of the ballot.  After you vote on your elected officials turn it over and VOTE  NO to a constitutional convention.   
  • How do I get an absentee ballot and when does it have to be turned in so I can vote while I am working on the road?
    • As a voter you must apply by a certain date to your local board of elections to receive an absentee ballot. After you apply, the board of elections will mail you an absentee ballot that will need to be postmarked no later than November 6th 2017.
Follow this link for an application for an absentee ballot. Print the application and fill it out . Then send it to your counties board of elections postmarked no later than October 31 to receive absentee ballot.
Here is a link to find your board of elections address.
Recently there have been some articles on social media that say if you don't vote it will be an automatic yes for a constitutional convention.  This is false.  Your vote will be recorded as a yes, only if you vote yes.
Thank you for your time on this important matter.  We as New York residents enjoy many benefits as union members because of our New York State Constitution.  Please protect our union benefits by voting NO to a constitutional convention.  And please spread the word on this matter and stress the importance of it to your family, friends and co-workers.  If you have any other questions regarding this important vote please call us at 315-656-7253 and ask for Tim or Ryan. IBEW 1249 has "VOTE NO" yard signs available. Please call Tim or Ryan to request one for your home.