IBEW 1249 Member Lost in Helicopter Incident

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that we have lost one of our 1249 JL's. Brother Jeremy P. Kearns, Card Number 7821884, lost his life yesterday doing the job he loved when the helicopter he was on made contact; creating a dangerous situation. Brother Ben McAllister was also onboard and by the grace of God suffered minor injuries. I am so thankful that he is going to be okay physically, but I know that mentally he will need time to heal. I don't have all the facts about what exactly happened yet.  I can tell you that while I sit here writing this, I personally feel a great sense of sorrow for Jeremy's family and the fact that Jeremy is gone.

I am asking all IBEW 1249 Members and IBEW Members to start taking up collections for Jeremy's family. We will keep you posted with info as it becomes available. RIP Brother, You Will Be Missed!

I would also like to give my condolences to the family of the Pilot that lost his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

We didn't need any more bad news but yesterday we learned that this week Adam LaNoir passed away. Adam was initiated 6/26/2000 into Local 1249 and became a Journeyman Lineman in 2003. Adam left 1249 in 2007 to work for Nation Grid, Local 97. Although Adam left 1249 he didn't leave the Brotherhood. RIP Brother!