Western Report: What separates us from those other guys?

Friday, August 19, 2016

The IBEW worker of today has many benefits & "tools" in their "toolbox". The first benefit I think of is our pension benefit which will take care of us when our time comes, and we hang up our tools. We have a personal account benefit that can come in handy when we need a vacation, or we are out of work, or when we want to buy that new shiny toy to use on the weekend. What about our health insurance? Other "tools" include on the on the job training for our apprentices, hands-on classroom training such as cable splicing, CDL class A driver training, CPR/1st aid refresher courses done at job sites. Recently there was an incident where this CPR/AED training directly resulted in someone's life being saved. We are fortunate to have AED units on the job sites.

These are some of the differences between us & "those other guys". "Those other guys" unfortunately don't always see the differences, they don't have the "tools" in their "toolbox".   Sadly "those other guys" are willing to work for less, have little or no insurance and, will not have much of a retirement if any waiting for them when their time comes to hang up the tools.
We need to do the best job we can every day for our employer & be thankful for the "tools" we have. It is your "toolbox" get all the training available to you, you never know when you're going need it. -Dave Beatty, President, Card # D757494