Working Hard for our Families

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Last week, American's from across the country came together to decide our next leader. I hope that many of our members exercised their right to vote.  The IBEW has committed to working with the new President  to ensure the protections and expansions of our Middle Class.  While there are rumors abound about a National Right to Work (for Less) law, we here at 1249 need to remain strong and united.  Through our organizing and solidarity, we can remain a strong and vibrant union.  No matter who is in charge, if we continue to organize, stay united, and work together, I am sure that IBEW Local 1249 will survive another 75 years and beyond.
Ok, enough with politics. Let 's talk family. The local is extending the invitation for members to bring their kids into the hall on November 25th "Black Friday" between the hours of 8am and 2pm. This day is the day 1249 puts up our Christmas tree and decorates around the Union Hall. Some of the union hall staff bring in their kids to help with the tree. We always have kids movies playing on the big screen in back and order pizza for kiddos. 1249 members don't really get to bring the kids to work like other jobs do. We'll have donuts in the morning, and order pizza at noon. Stop in and grab a bite, show the kids the Hall, let the kids help decorate the tree and make a craft while watching a movie.   Trust me it is better than shopping!

In closing continue to be safe on the job. For those of you that hunt. Be safe in the woods, and if you would like to show off your sportsmen skills send a picture to and we'll put it in The Tailboard.