Starting a Youth Caucus

Thursday, March 3, 2016

1249 recently requested the 3rd district Vice President to approve a youth group for the local.  This group is intended to energize our younger members to become more active in the union and our local communities.  1249 has many members below the age of 40 years old and these members are the future of labor and of this local.   1249 has volunteered in local communities in the past to help our communities that we live and raise our families in and, 1249 would like to continue to volunteer more.  With that being said 1249 will be participating in a voter registration competition within the IBEW 3rd district.  The goal of this competition is to get as many unregistered voters (union members or non-union members) registered.  If anyone is interested in volunteering or learning more about the group or the competition please contact Jenn or Ryan at the union hall for more information.  

I would like to touch on a subject that we as union members and emergency responders need to remain professional about.  When a natural disaster from Mother Nature or emergency occurs we as IBEW members need to be better than our competition.  The public and our friends do not need to know how much we make or could make while responding to someone else's misfortune.   I cannot tell you what to do but I can ask please have some compassion and integrity to the public we are helping.  Our job is to help restore their power.  The paycheck is what we work for, but in my opinion we don't need to publicize it via social media on how much we make or that is all we care about.   We as members are always representing the IBEW and organized labor, please continue to keep us better than the competition.