Message from Business Manager Mark Lawrence

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
I would like to share with you part of the letter I received from our International President Lonnie Stephenson.  Please read below:

 "It is more important than ever that we stand with our strongest union employers against anti-union companies.  With nearly 150,000 organized workers, AT&T is the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier.

There are currently more than 620,000 union members and staff participating in the Union Plus Wireless Discount program with AT&T.  But that's only 5 percent of union members, while AT&T has about a 30 percent share of the wireless market.  That means millions of union members are using non-union carriers or using AT&T and not saving through the Union Plus Wireless Discount Program. 
Through the program, members can save 15% on the monthly service charge of qualified AT&T wireless plans.  Members may also qualify for other savings offers from AT&T and up to $250 cash back from Union Plus"
With that being said, Support our union brothers and sisters as much as you can when purchasing everyday services or products.   
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