Keep up with Classes and Training's

Sunday, April 3, 2016
Message from Business Manager Mark Lawrence
On March 16th we had a meeting with National Grid. The meeting went very well and they were very pleased with 1249's work force. We talked a lot about underground and the ability of our membership to adapt to their safety rules and practices. They are talking about letting out more underground in the summer. 
Participation in the splicing classes has been very good and I urge you to make every effort to take Mod 1 and 4. I know for some of you splicing isn't your forte but it's our work and without the classes you will not be referable to a URD job on Grids property. Continuing education is what separates us from the non-union competition and makes us the IBEW their first choice.
Grids distribution outlook for contractors doesn't sound very promising but they are saying depending on how their in-house crews do things might change. Transmission sounds very promising and upcoming jobs should be coming out soon. In the meantime check your First Aid, CPR and Medical Cards. If they are expired or are going to, please call Safety Training and get them taken care of. 
Look over the task at hand and make sure everyone on crew knows what's expected of them. Cutting corners might work sometimes but eventually, your luck will run out and you, your crew and your Local will be left picking up the pieces. The Local and Safety Training never attend meetings listening to costumers complaining about production. It's always, I mean always Safety, Safety and Safety. I care about each and every one of you, your future, your family's future and the future of this Local. 
For all the Apprentice Lineman, please keep up with your books, tests, classes and time dated material. Getting behind not only puts your apprenticeship at risk it also puts you and the crew you are working with at risk because your head is not where it should be. You need to be focused on the job at hand and not be thinking about how you're going to get that book or test done. So please be responsible and think about your apprenticeship and your career.
Thank you for all the hard work you do and please keep in mind safety first.