IBEW Training Saves Lives

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
The training that our  members receive is second to none. Thanks to the IBEW our labor is in high demand throughout the country. Not only do our programs teach important electrical skills, but they also teach our members important life savings skills. While working to restore power in a storm stricken Cape Cod, this training kicked in as two of our members saved a fellow journeyman's life when he had a near fatal heart attack. Below I have included the full story.  
IBEW Members Save a Life
At approximately 11:45 pm on March 5th 2018, a Michels Power journeyman lineman suffered a near fatal heart attack. The crews were just finishing their fourth full day of storm duty in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. After working to restore power all day, the crews ate dinner together and retired to their hotel.

Prior to going to bed that evening, Michels Power General Foreman Michael Koferl and our Eversource representative Mick Collins were conversing in the lobby of the hotel. A hotel employee rushed over and reported that a man was collapsed on the hallway floor. Michael and Mick rushed over to the employee and assessed the situation. After the initial assessment, the two determined that our lineman was unresponsive and not breathing. The two rescuers immediately initiated the lifesaving procedures with Michael performing rescue breathing while Mick performed chest compressions. The pair continued to provide CPR for approximately 7 minutes until paramedics arrived. The employee was rushed to the hospital where open heart surgery was performed. If not for Michael and Mick's quick thinking and expert response, the employee would have most likely passed.

The Emergency room doctors and the paramedics reiterated that if not for the quick response that enable the patient to maintain oxygen flow to his brain and vital organs we would surely be dealing with a much more tragic situation. Kudos to Michael and Mick, they truly saved a life this week.