Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 3, 2018
Once again the summer has flown by and we are nearing another Labor Day. We have been extremely busy working across New York, and we have so much to be proud of. Our members have been working a lot of hours and have done so without any serious injuries or fatalities. With the dangerous work that we do day in and day out, whether it be building the energy infrastructure that our customers use to deliver their product, or trimming the trees that keep the lines operational; having no serious injuries or fatalities in this line of work is something to be proud of. As your Business Manager, this is something that I think about every day, so thank you for making safety your top priority.

Because it has been so busy, Local 1249 has been able to start our fourth boot camp of the year. We are using this time to train the next generation of IBEW members and ensuring that our craft continues to be taught the right way and the safe way.   
In August we had Local 1249's annual Clambake. Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the beautiful day!  It is a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow brothers and sisters and swap stories with the old and new. As your Business Manager, I am so proud to see you all come together and enjoy each other's time and give another reason that proves how great Local 1249 is. This year we also broke ground on a new union hall in Cicero, New York. The new hall will help us to better serve you, the members and will hopefully be a beacon of light for all those out there who work non-union. Everyone in our industry should be IBEW, and when various misused workforces drive by our hall, I hope they reflect on how important it is for them to wake up and organize. And this is a reminder to all of us that this is the time to have those conversations with those you know who don't have a voice on the job.

This Labor Day weekend, and Labor Day itself, is the perfect time to wear your 1249 shirts and hats and remind everybody that you surround yourself with that without unions, there are no weekends, and there is no Labor Day.