1249 Members Awarded Challenge Coins

Monday, November 19, 2018
A big shout out to our 1249 brothers at City Light & Power Craig Struble, Robert Turken and Vincent Palumbo, who were awarded Challenge Coins from the West Point Garrison Commander Colonel Harry C. Marson V during the Garrison's employee information brief. These coins were awarded for the restoration speed and teamwork after an arc flash occurred in the electrical room of Bradley barrack. More information about the event are provided below.   
On Saturday August 11, 2018, an arc flash event occurred in the electrical room of Bradley Barracks and an electrical outage of Orange and Rockland Utility's feeder line 93 caused multiple simultaneous outages within West Point's main cantonment area. The arc flash caused extensive damage to one of West point's primary feeders and O&R's line 93 outage caused the West Point Central Power Plant and Substation B to go offline. The combination of the arc flash and line 93 outage caused power outages to 94 essential buildings. City Light & Power crew responded promptly, prioritized the restoration work, isolated the damaged equipment and rapidly restored power. Great job men, professionalism at it's best!