Safety Report: Property for a new training center

Sunday, November 15, 2015
New York State Lineman's Safety Training Fund is proud to announce that we have finally purchased a piece of property for a new training center.  This property is located at 8533 Brewerton Rd (Rt. 11) in Cicero.  It was an abandoned airport with a 70ft wide and 2500ft long asphalt runway.  Along the runway will be used as access for a new transmission line for training our lineman.  There will also be dedicated Sub-transmission construction area; as well as a distribution training area.  We hope to add underground training with manholes as well to the outdoor yard. There will be a new 13,800 sq./ft. building built that will have 2 class rooms, a common area and restrooms in one part and another area about 9000sq/ft. that will be an open arena for possible indoor climbing and other simulation type training and storage.  We are very excited to get this project underway for the members and believe it will be a state of the art training facility.  It is important to continue our education as lineman to keep up with the needs of the industry and to capture ALL the work out there!  Work Safe.