Safety Report: CPR Training saved a life

Monday, August 15, 2016

All of the boring classes we sat through for First Aid/CPR/AED rescue classes paid off in the field. A few weeks ago, we had a worker collapse in a manhole.   As soon as the top guys saw the worker collapse they went into rescue mode. Everyone on the crew played an integral part of the rescue weather it was calling for help, pulling the hurt man out of the hole, or running for the AED. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and because we were trained on how to do CPR and apply and use the AED, we avoided a fatality. This is proof that we need to continue training and learning and practicing for when these events strike.

A few reminders to consider while performing your pre-job briefing. Make sure the crew knows the location of the work in case 911 needs to be called. Make sure you know where the AED is on the truck, and that it's not buried in a bin where it will be hard to get to. Make sure you have a hand line in the bucket or on the pole no matter how simple the task. Make sure everyone knows how to use the lower controls and that they are accessible. Make sure all the components to the bucket dump feature if equipped actually work and aren't frozen up.
We continue to run CPR/First Aid classes monthly for now at the union hall. If you want to come in, call and let us know.