Safety Report

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Safety Training has added some information to the 1249 web page.  There is now a quick reference section for locations of DOT physical locations.  Notice the last page of the list are locations that are self-pay.  If you use these locations, just pay then send the receipt and a copy of the DOT physical to safety training and we will reimburse you for the cost.  The rest of the places simply tell them you're with NYS Lineman's safety training and everything will be taken care of.   
Another piece of technology that is out there is an app for android and apple phones that links you to the OSHA ET&D partnership.  There are references to take advantage of like an OSHA MAD calculator, news and events and other good information.  Check it out by searching for "ET&D Partnership" and it should pull it up.  
We will be constantly trying to improve and update the "Safety" section of the web site to be sure to look every once in a while.