Reflections from the Convention

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

As I am reflecting back on the last week in St. Louis at the 39th International Convention.   I am happy to report that the delegates that the members elected to attend did a great job representing Local 1249. The importance of having a delegation attend this event is extremely important as over 50 resolutions that affect our constitution and changes that could affect you & I had to be challenged, deliberated & voted on. You can see those resolutions below. I strongly urge you to involve yourself in the process 5 years from now. Maybe be a part of the nomination of delegates that attend the 40th convention or maybe you would like to run to be a delegate yourself, you won't regret it.

The city of St Louis was selected to host because, of course, this is where a lineman named Henry Miller had the idea of safer & fairer working conditions for workers in the electrical industry 125 years ago. 1249's delegates were privileged to attend the opening of the Henry Miller museum. I can't imagine what he would think today if he could see what his idea has turned into. There are over 650,000 IBEW members working as wireman, technicians, railroad, line clearance tree trimmers, electrical manufacturing, aviation electronics & more. One of Henry Millers quotes was that electrical workers are "to be first class or they are of little use". That is what we all must strive for, first class, the best we can be.          
We also heard from many speakers and with the upcoming elections politics were front and center. Each one of us needs to study the issues at hand and make educated choices that will affect not only the next few years but for many years ahead and we must make the right choices for our children and the future generations to come. I am hopeful for more work to come our way in the near future. If rumors hold true, we will be clearing people off our books soon.

In closing I thank each and every 1249 member for the good job each of you do. Please get out & vote.  Every single vote is important!- Fraternally, Dave Beatty, card #D757494, President