Organizers Report: We must light the fire of organizing

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This is a quote taken from President Hill from the36th IBEW International Convention in 2001. "We must light the fire of organizing all across the United States and Canada, up in Alaska and across the Pacific to Hawaii, the Island Territories and down to Puerto Rico.". "Organizing goes hand in hand with our effectiveness in the public arena. A well-organized union is one that can make its voice heard and can legitimately claim to speak for the majority of workers in the industry." These words from our former International President and have been directed to our organization for his entire career as our leader. Now with Lonnie R. Stephenson is International President and the message has not changed. We need to not only take care of business here at LU 1249, but we need to reach out and show support for those individuals who are not part of the electrical world to get their fair shake at better wages, better benefits, and a chance to live a better life. Think of your families. You must know someone or have a family member that has a job that doesn't provide what that person deserves.

A popular example today is the Fight for Fifteen, with the fast food workers. With a union I feel they would have a solid chance to provide for their families. There are many people that have stayed with fast food service for many years, and have made it their career choice. It is not just a job that is a young person's way to start out in the working world, but it could be someone's future. Many people have mixed emotions about this issue, but the underlying fact of the matter is wages for these types of jobs have not kept pace with inflation. So if you know someone that this topic directly effects take the time to offer suggestions to them on how to organize and stand together! We are working on bringing in new members and contractors with what we have learned from being a part of the Labor Movement. Pass it along to all so they too can become part of the Labor Movement, and continue to strengthen the middle class!