Make an app-like shortcut on your smartphone!

Monday, December 21, 2015
Below are instructions on how to create the app-like shortcut on your smartphone. I encourage you all to do this. Our new website also has a photo and video gallery and news feeds from the National IBEW and from the AFL-CIO. There is a larger labor movement out there beyond our Local and its important that all members know that workers are fighting back all across this great country. So enjoy the new website, give it a look and encourage your fellow Local 1249 members to take a look as well.

iPhone Above:
Adding an app-like shortcut to your smartphone is easy, simply figure out if you have an android or iPhone and follow the instructions in the image.
Please note: These steps vary depending on the age of your device, because there are so many different types we included instructions for the most popular (iPhone 4+ with ios 7+ and Samsung galaxy s4 and s5). If you find these instructions did not help please do the following.  Go to and search "your device brand and model (example: lg g3) add website shortcut to home screen".
Android Below: