A Chapter Report from the Field Reps.

  • Photo by: Samir Luther
Saturday, April 2, 2016
Photo by: Samir Luther
From the West
I'm always grateful & proud to be a member of a union that is full of giving brothers & sisters. Their generosity is always tremendous when it comes time to help a fellow member in need. Through the years whether I was an apprentice, journeyman, steward, foreman, general foreman or an Assistant w/ the union hall I have seen the hat passed many times for a member in need. Our members are always generous about reaching deep into their pockets to lend a helping hand no matter what the circumstances may be. To me this is Brotherhood in action, this is not just talking the talk, and it's seeing fellow members actually walk the walk! You guys & gals definitely deserve a pat on the back for watching out & taking care of one another & as a fellow member I would like to say Thank You.
David Beatty, President, Card #D757494 
From the East 
We are coming up on the month of April. Hard to believe the first quarter of 2016 is over.
Work on the east side is steady. The Mohican-Battenkill project seems to be moving along the drilling crews start next week. Looks like we might see a wind project start up this year around the Plattsburgh area. Haven't heard any more about the cricket valley line project (345 hi-line). Poughkeepsie area.
Please be your brother/sisters keeper. We are stronger when we stick together.
Henry Westbrook, Asst. Business Manager, IBEW LU 1249