A Chapter Report from the Field Reps

Monday, January 25, 2016
From the West
There was a time years ago I remember when you walked onto a highline right of way or showed up on a distribution job and there was limited PPE being used. No hard hats, no fr clothing, no safety glasses, leather gloves in the secondary. We've all lived it or heard the stories. Today we have rules for PPE and there are policies that enforce these safety rules. These in my eyes where a change for the good. In those same old days I also remember no one dared to show up to a job without a paid up dues receipt in their hand or pocket. If you didn't have one you were told come back when you did have one. We have to remember what benefits come with those tickets we all possess. We have to remember how fortunate we are for this brotherhood we belong too. It is not one person's job to chase down who has not paid their dues. I would hope this can go back to like the old days when every member policed this issue and luxury we all have.
David Beatty
Card #D757494
From the East
The work outlook for the southeast corner of the state is still going strong. The safety department is giving every A member 2 FR shirts. That means I will be looking for sizes. To help expedite the handing out process. If you have or are part of a large group of members, (one member from that group) please call or text me a list (name & size). I should be able to start delivering them after the February Union meeting. BA chapter tree meetings went well. We had good turnouts. Remember I'm no mind reader. If you have a problem please contact me. Please be your brothers/sisters keeper.
Henry Westbrook
Asst. Business Manager/Vice President