1st Annual Beard for Brothers

Monday, October 31, 2016
Thanks for checking out 1249’s 1st Annual (hopefully) Beard Growing Competition.  
Who wants to be crowned “Best Beard” in 1249?
1249 is holding a contest this fall from October 31st - December 1st to raise money for the NSUJL. If you are not aware of this organization, the NSUJL is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting fallen or injured IBEW Linemen, Tree Trimmers, Apprentices, Groundmen, Operators and/or their spouses and children. Check this organization out at NSUJL.org.  NSUJL has helped out many families including a few of 1249’s.  
So here is what I have dreamed up.  GROW A BEARD FOR YOU BROTHER!  Kind of like ‘No Shave November’ but way more bad ass.  
There will be 6 categories to win bragging rights for:
  • The Hairless Cat (saddest) Beard
  • The Life is Not Fair (ugliest) Beard 
  • ZZ Top’s Competition (Longest) Beard 
  • GQ Style (prettiest) Beard 
  • The KING (Best all-around Beard).  
  • Future Politician (Raised the most mullah)
Here are the details:
$30.00 buy into the competition, and then we are asking for the participator to reach out to their friends and family to sponsor with some type of extra contributions.
On October 31st you will need to stop into the hall and get a picture taken or send us a pic of yourself with a clean shaved face.  We are going with the honest policy on how current the picture is.  NO CHEATING! Then grow that beard however you want.  Come December 1st; do the same thing, take a pic or stop in to get a picture taken.  After we get everyone’s picture we’ll have the local’s secretaries vote on the above categories.
Your Executive Board has approved to award the winners of each category with a $50.00 GC except for The King and The Future Politician.  Those Beast’s will get a hundi spot gift card. If the gift card doesn’t sound like enough there will be a plaque for each category that was conquered.    
The NSUJL has helped out many people in the industry and/or their families.  Here are some of the NSUJL’s notable points:
  • The NSUJL has been in existence since 2012.  They started with an idea to help fallen Linemen and their families. That idea has grown into something that continues to help more people and more classifications.  
  • The NSUJL helps in many ways. Here is a list of a few ways they do: offer financial aid, help purchase hospital equipment, family or individual counseling, sometimes even home cooked meals.
  • They assist IBEW members only or families of IBEW members that are injured or lost on the job.  They have helped a few of our own 1249 members and families.  
Please check our NSUJL’s website for more information: NSUJL.org
To Register:
Registration/buy into the competition is $30.00.  If registering by personal check please make checks payable to IBEW 1249 or if registering on 1249’s website you may pay by using PayPal (On the right or below if you are on a mobile device).  All money raised through the registration/buy-in will go to the NSUJL. Beard Growers wishing to raise more money for the NSUJL may do so by finding sponsors to donate on behalf of the Beard Growers name.  All money raised from sponsors will also go to the NSUJL.  
On October 31, 2016 please send a picture of your clean shaven face to 315-415-8921 or ryoungman@ibew1249.org or stop into the hall to have your picture taken.  Then do the same on December 1, 2016 of your new beard.  Pictures need to be in by these above dates.
If you are using the form below to register then you can also pay online using the PayPal button on the top right (or below if you are on a mobile device).


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