IBEW Local 1249 supplies a skilled workforce to the electrical industry

IBEW Local 1249 supplies a skilled workforce to the outside electrical industry, including Journeyman Lineman (and apprentices), Traffic Signal Technicians (DOT) (and apprentices), and Live Line Tree Trimmers to over 350 signatory con‐ tractors throughout New York State. The skilled workforce of Local 1249 have played a major role in many out‐ side construction projects throughout 55 counties that comprise Local 1249’s jurisdiction. IBEW Local 1249 provides electrical outside contractors, including utilities throughout New York State with a highly‐trained and skilled workforce (including apprentices) capable of per‐ forming transmission, distribution, sub‐station, traffic signal (including telecommunications), utility live line tree trimming work. Local 1249 also provides continued industry upgrade training for our current workforce. With the numerous classifications of outside electrical workers, Local 1249 can help outside electrical contractors maintain competitive crew costs and increased profitability.

Benefits of using the Local 1249 and its electrical workforce

  • Lineman upgrade training ‐ Up to 500 KVA Hot Stick Training, OSHA T&D, Equipotential Grounding, Confined Space Entry, High Voltage Cable Splicing and Terminations, Certified Rigging, Signaling, Line Truck Certification and Green Technologies just to name a few 
  • Numerous classifications of skilled workers including Groundman, Equipment Operators, CDL Truck Drivers, Flagman, Certified Welder, Mechanics and many more
  • Access to unlimited, skilled Lineman, Traffic Signal, and Tree Trimmers at competitive rates
  • Access to New York State Certified Apprentices
  • No cost advertising for Journeyman Lineman, Traffic Signal Technicians, and Journeyman Tree Trimmers
  • Seamless transition of your current workforce

Cost Savings

  • Benefits administration—Local 1249 benefit office will administer all of your field employees’ benefits at no cost
  • Labor savings by using New York State registered apprentices at lower rates – your company will have a New York State certified apprenticeship program
  • Free industry training for your existing workforce
  • Ability to increase / decrease work‐ force as needed – no more carrying employees waiting for the next project to start
  • Ability to properly staff all of your projects – no more turning work away because you cannot find a skilled workforce
  • Savings on searching/interviewing for skilled Journeyman Lineman (and apprentices), Traffic Signal Technicians (and apprentices), and Journeyman Tree Trimmers

What Next?

We would like the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you may have about IBEW Local 1249 with a short meeting to show you our commitment. We would like to hear your input as an electrical contractor and your honest opinion. We know we have to prove ourselves before any‐ thing else.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate how the IBEW Local 1249 can be an effective, value‐added tool to your company.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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IBEW Local 1249
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