Apprenticeship Program

As long as the world needs electricity, there will be a need for lineman. Learn a career through apprenticeship - become an Electrical Power Line Apprentice

Apprenticeship is an opportunity for inexperienced individuals to learn a career skill though actual “hands on” training, not just reading about it in a book. Electrical Power Line Apprentices are full time employees of electrical contractors. They earn excellent pay and benefits while they are being taught theses skills on the job. 
In addition to on the job training, apprentices get related classroom instruction. Apprentices learn “how” on the job and “why” in the classroom. IBEW Local 1249 utilizes a state of the art training facility including an outdoor pole yard and multiple classrooms for training and related instruction.

Become a Journeyman Lineman in 3 to 4 years 

To become a Journeyman Lineman the apprenticeship requires a minimum of 7000 hours on the job training, which usually takes 3 to 4 years. There are a total of 7 steps in the apprenticeship program where approximately every six months there is an advancement to the next step. With each advancement the apprentice gets a raise in pay based on journeyman lineman’s rate of pay. 

Earn College credits while getting paid with the NEAT program 

NEAT was founded in 1968 and provides training to apprentice lineman in states including: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maryland. 
College credits are available to the Graduates of the NEAT Program. Twenty-five (25) college credits are issued by the American Council on Education. These credits are transferable towards continuing college education. Veterans who paid into the VA Educational Benefits Program may be eligible for educational benefits while going through the apprenticeship training program. 
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